Industrial robot systems

Together with industrial robot manufacturer Mitsubishi, we offer our customers complete robot solutions.

Depending on the application, either  articulated robots or SCARA robots are used.

Typical areas of application for the robots include the handling of workpieces and tools, quality control, assembling and mounting of small and micro-parts, as well as handling in medical and laboratory technology.

Our service in the field of robots includes all steps from the conceptual design to commissioning, from single stations to components within a complete system.

Technical data:

  • Max. load 1 - 12 kg
  • Range max. 1,482 mm
  • Repeat accuracy max. 0.02 mm
  • Maximum speed 9,500 mm/sec
  • Axis, linear and 3D circular interpolation, palletising function
  • Interrupt control and multitasking
  • Network-capable (Profibus, Ethernet)

We offer complete solutions for all applications! You can always expect a very good price-performance ratio.

Articulated Robots
Articulated Robots

Doublearm SCARA-Robot
Doublearm SCARA-Robot 

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