Production data acquisition

Production Data Acquisition (PDA) is a collective term for the acquisition of various actual data on states and processes in the production.The following types of production data can be distinguished:

  • Production data such as times, quantities, weights, qualities, volumes
  • Work progress, job status
  • Attendance and working hours of people
  • Access control
  • Machine data:
    • Switching frequency
    • Interruptions and running periods of machines
    • Manufactured volumes
    • Messages and malfunctions
    • Consumption of material
    • Energy and utilities
    • Measurements of the temperatures in warehouses or in production
  • Process data:
    • Quality
    • Parameters of the processes
    • Setting data
  • Benefits of production data acquisition:
    • Reduction of process interruptions
    • Optimisation of production processes
    • Efficiency control of the used staff
    • Optimisation of the use of resources
    • Improved planning based on objective process assessments

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